Music Lessons

Irish Harp – Deborah Norris
Deborah has played Irish harp for more than 30 years. She specializes in historical harp tunes and traditional accompaniment to dance tunes. Deborah is a member of the duo Killashandra with Irish fiddle player Ted Jordan; together they’ve performed regularly at the Dublin Irish Festival. Deborah has also performed with several groups throughout the British Isles and eastern U.S.

Irish Fiddle – Tyler Moore
Tyler started his Irish fiddle playing career with Homeland, a Celtic rock band. In addition to Homeland, he plays with local Irish folk group Two2Many, as well as with T2M guitar player Karl Wohlwend as a duo. Tyler is a regular fixture at Irish festivals and can be heard locally at Byrne’s Pub and Fado Irish Pub, among others.  Tyler has a music studio  in Worthington where fiddle lessons for all take place.  You can find him at: T&G Music Studios, 885 North High Street Worthington, Ohio.  PHONE (614) 354-2180 EMAIL:

Irish Flute/Whistle/Harmonica – David W Molk

David is a multi-instrumentalist who has lived an enchanted musical life. He trained at Oberlin College in Ohio and has taught and played music most of his life. He has lived and played in many places, as well as composed music that has been picked up by many Irish bands, including Altan. Contact him at:

Bodhran –Brent Cuyler
Owner and founder of Finnegan Hill Irish Percussion, Brent is one of North America’s largest custom bodhran makers. Brent has played with several bands in the Midwest including Whiskey Mile, as well as piper Dave Stuart O’Neil. Active in the Irish music community in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Brent brings a love of teaching and a passion for promotion of the bodhran to both beginners and intermediate drummers.

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